DECEMBER WINE KIT SPECIALS (while supplies last)



KenRidge Classic Chardonnay  $ 69.99

Grand Cru Sauvignon Blanc  $ 62.99

KenRidge Classic 
Trilogy  $ 77.99

Grand Cru Rosso Superiore  $ 71.99 


Cru International   Chenin Blanc  $ 81.99

Cru International Nebbiolo  $ 87.99 ( Fermented on the Skins )


Cru Select Cabernet Sauvignon $ 117.99

Legacy Gewurztraminer $ 104.99 ( a bit sweet )

Cru Select Pinot Grigio  $ 112.99



En Primeur Winery Series Chardonnay  $ 129.99

En Primeur Winery Series Malbec  $ 134.99
(Fermented on the skins)

En Primeur Winery Series Shiraz  $ 134.99
( Fermented on the Skins )





These prices are UNBELIEVABLE and you won't find a better deal, ANYWHERE!

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