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Premium All-Grain Beer Kit Ready in 4 Weeks
(From Spagnols)

We use 100% malted barley with no additive or malt extracts. The grains are carefully cracked and gently steeped to draw out the sweet wort (pronounced wurt). The resulting wort is boiled with the choicest hops and immediately aseptically packaged to preserve its grainy flavors.

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Type Description IBU
American Premium Lager One of the most popular beers around. A refreshing straw-colored lager with a subtle aroma 8 I.B.U.
Cream Ale With a darker color and fuller flavors, this beer will satisfy both ale and lager lovers. 22 I.B.U.
Cerveza Light-bodied, crisp and clean. Don't forget to drop in a wedge of lime! 10 I.B.U.
Honey Blonde Ale A touch of all-natural honey creates a slightly sweet finish. Refreshingly smooth and full-bodied. 18 I.B.U.
India Pale Ale Our IPA has a copper/golden color and medium aroma hops, with a slightly higher starting gravity and hop rates. 50 I.B.U.
Munich Dark Lager This dark beer is characterized by a delicate sweet maltiness and a toasted nutty flavor. 20 I.B.U.
Pale Ale With roots in the English midlands, our version is crisp, amber-colored and aromatic. 30 I.B.U.
Pilsner Known for its generous quantities of hops, this medium-bodied beer is clean and satisfying 35 I.B.U.
Prairie Wheat A light-bodied,clean brew with the distinctive, refreshing flavor of malted wheat 10 I.B.U.
Red Ale This beer has a pronounced crisp, malty character, with delicate hop bitterness and a pleasing, floral aroma 18 I.B.U.
Stout Dark and rich, with a bold roasted flavor, a hint of chocolate and an espresso-like finish. Refreshing 30 I.B.U.
Light Canadian Lager This is a crisp, easy to drink beer with a lower alcohol level to bring out the freshness and aroma 12 I.B.U.

We also carry Coopers, Morgan's, and Muntons beer kits in a can.

What the heck are I.B.U.'s?
IBU stands for International B
ittering Units. It is a measurement of bitterness in the beer. The lower the number, the less bitter the beer.

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