Kettle Beer

(Ready in 3 Weeks)

Made from scratch with the finest in hops, grains and malts. Each kettle will make 46 litres of the best beer anywhere (approximately 136-144 bottles, depending upon bottle size). Our brewmaster comes in on Wednesdays so you will need to call and reserve a kettle by Tuesday. We recommend refrigeration since our brews are all natural without chemical preservatives.

Cumberland Classic This light lager has the taste of the Rocky Mountains, a classic American light lager. 10 IBU
Glacier Lager A Canadian style lager, medium bodied with average bitterness. 16 IBU
Puntledge Brown Ale An English style brown ale, with lots of maltiness, low to medium bitterness, and very little hop flavor. 16 IBU
Denman Dutch Clone of the famous beer in a green bottle from Holland. 30 IBU
Merville Mex A pale, mild Mexican style lager, with very low bitterness. 8 IBU
Royston Red Our version of the popular "Red" Ales, using Carastan malt. 18 IBU
Courtenay Cream Ale Cream ales are an American phenomenon, being almost a cross between an ale and a lager. Our cream ale is light, slightly malty, with a fairly low bitterness, and fermented at lager temperatures. 15 IBU
Baynes Brew This ones for you, a classic lager. 10 IBU
Georgia Strait IPA Not for the faint of hop! India pale ales originated in the days of the British Empire, when ale was shipped by sea to its soldiers in India. The beer was heavily hopped to withstand the rigors of the trip, and our IPA is true to that style. The body and alcohol are higher than normal, to balance the hops. 60 IBU
Black Creek Bavarian A typical German lager, all malt, with a robust hop character. 30 IBU
Salmon Point Stout You don't have to be Irish to like this one, but it helps. A classic dry stout, with plenty of roasted malt character, characteristic dryness, and fairly bitter with low hop character. 45 IBU
Mount Washington Pale Ale A typical American pale ale, in the style that originated in the Pacific Northwest. Moderately bitter, with an assertive hop aroma from a classic American hop, Cascade. The body is fairly full, to balance the bitterness. 40 IBU
Ships Point Pilsner A European pilsner in the original Czech style, using the Czech Saaz hop to give that "noble" character. Fairly bitter, but well balanced. 34 IBU
Comox Bitter A typical British bitter, with medium body, hopping and bitterness. 30 IBU
Kilpatrick Irish Ale Full bodied moderately hopped ale, with lots of crystal malt to provide that rich brown color and smooth taste. 35 IBU
Outback Ale Named after the double black diamond run on Mount Washington, this beer is not "for experts only." This beer uses a new hop that is much sought after and that we are able to obtain only through industry connections and gives the Outback Ale a unique citrus character. 45 IBU
Forbidden Ale An extreme ale for those looking for something very different. It is highly hopped with alcohol content of 8.5 to 9%! This combination of hops and alcohol make for a very complex beer that is surprisingly smooth. 80 IBU


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What the heck are I.B.U.'s?
IBU stands for International Bittering Units. It is a measurement of bitterness in the beer. The lower the number, the less bitter the beer.