The Insider’s Perspective at Grape Expectations…

Whether you drink wine, beer, coolers or ciders, or prefer the sparkly stuff, Grape Expectations is your one-stop resource (and a great alternative to liquor-store prices).

It’s fun and easy to brew your own, so you can experiment with fun flavors—maybe a peach chardonnay or a chocolate port—or you can stay with more traditional choices, such as a Cabernet Shiraz or Riesling.

Imagine, 30 great bottles of wine in 30-60 days, for as little as $3 per bottle … that’ll put a smile on your face, eh?

GREAT FOR WEDDINGS, PARTIES & GIFT-GIVING! Planning a wedding or hosting a party and want to save a few bucks? Want some great gifts that almost everyone will love and won’t “re-gift”?

Grape Expectations is THE place to brew up some fun ...and you can even design custom your own labels for that special occasion or memorable gifts.

                                            3-easy steps
  1. Pick out the kit (our most excellent staff will make recommendations if you tell us what you like).
  2. Pitch your yeast and leave the mixing and all the messy work and lifting to the experienced brew staff at Grape Expectations.
  3. Return several weeks later* to your bottling appointment—bringing your boxes of clean bottles so you can sterilize, bottle and label your creation—tasting a swig or two…or three… as you go, and sharing a bit with others if you wish.
*beers take 3 weeks and is brewed in our professional kettles, but wine kits range from 4-8 weeks.

Bottling At Grape Expectations is Easy & Fun

Premise Bottling Fees

4-week - $ 47.00
5-week - $ 50.00
6-week - $ 50.00
8-week - $ 55.00

The brewing fee includes all your corks, labels and shrink caps.
(If you customize labels, bring them with you.)

By the way--We do have bottles for sale, of course. You will need about 30 of them for each batch. They are $1.10 each or $.99 each if you are a GRAPE GROUPIE!!

Do-It-Yourselfers Are Grape Groupies & Beer Buddies, too!!
If you prefer to have all the mess and stink at home, Grape Expectations provides a whole bunch of kits from which to choose, plus all the supplies you’ll need…and lots of advice if you want it.