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20 years in business, everyone!


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    & Congratulations! 

You’ve just discovered the official website for Grape Expectations -- Comox Valley’s grooviest yet professional business…and one of the Valley’s original “u-brews.”

We’re “groovy” because we love to laugh and we listen to music while we work (and even sing to “entertain” customers some days).  And, hugs are always good.

Just poke your head in the door and feel the vibes—a place where customers may be strangers when the meet, but are often friends when they leave…an atmosphere that makes creating wine and beer an “experience” and a social outing, not a chore.

We’re also a very professional business, in that we are committed to delivering nothing but the best products at competitive prices--combining great kits and supplies with our knowledgeable, customer-focused staff whose priority is to MAKE YOU HAPPY.
Check out this article about us in the Business Examiner!

You see, we know if you’re happy, you’ll do two things: you’ll keep comin’ back and you’ll tell others about the “Grape Groupies” and “Beer Buddies” experience for years to come.

So, are ya ready to drink and be merry--embracing “Cheers” in true Canadian spirit? Grape Expectations is here for you!

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